Covid-19 Screening Services

Agilis Health US is an experienced end to end healthcare screening and diagnostics service provider.

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Support for individuals and businesses

End to end virus testing
Healthcare screening & diagnostics
Control measures provision

Services are tailored to the client’s specific needs, with no limit to the number of employees or locations that can be supported.

Agilis Health US also provides remote clinical support for at-home sample collection, thus providing compliant yet efficient service. In addition we help you meet your regulatory obligations by capturing key data in our secure IT solution and making reports easily available to you.

Project support screening

Screening for specific, short term projects that require accurate and efficient COVID-19 screening to stop outbreaks. Ideal for critical projects where time is of the essence and delays are not an option.

Voluntary staff screening

Provision of screening services to staff on voluntary basis to ensure health and safety compliance. Offering the facility to staff rather than insisting on regular testing.

Regular staff screening

Delivery of scheduled longer term testing programmes, minimising the risk of outbreaks through regular staff screening.



Genbody is a specialist in technologies to detect infectious diseases such as COVID-19, flu, Zikas, Yellow Fever, Malaria and many more.

Agilis Health US provides Genbody products either as part of a screening service or as a standalone product to support healthcare organisations with your testing and screening programmes.

  • Rapid test result within 15 minutes
  • High accuracy test with specificity 90% and sensitivity 98%
  • CE IVD, US FDA EUA approval (pending), ICMR approval, UK MHRA registered
  • Manufacturer with rich pedigree of infectious disease diagnostics
  • Available with reader machine if required
  • Available as part of screening programme or standalone product

Genedia COVID-19 Ag

Genedia single use COVID-19 antigen test kits use a nasal and mouth swab sample from the patient to screen them for coronavirus.

The Genedia test is designed for use by professional personnel in laboratories and point-of-care settings.

  • Rapid test result within 10 minutes
  • High accuracy test with specificity 87.5% and sensitivity 100%
  • CE IVD, US FDA approval (pending)
  • Nasal or sputum sample
  • World class manufacturer specialising in infectious disease diagnostics
  • Available as part of screening programme or standalone product

About Agilis Health US

Agilis Health US provides businesses and individuals with virus testing, diagnostics and control measures. Solutions include everything from business stability screening to large scale event management services.

All services are provided to the client’s specific needs and expectations. For those that require it, Agilis has the scope and flexibility to work as a client’s managed healthcare service.

Agilis Health US provides exemplary service, underpinned by flexibility, speed, and robust, transparent data capture and management systems. Through the suite of high-quality services, Agilis constantly strives to help:

  • Improve and support the health and wellbeing of the whole workforce
  • Support and advise business leaders on how to control virus risk in the workplace
  • Ensure compliance with statutory and regulatory workplace requirements and legislation
  • Conduct risk assessments aligned with government and workplace regulatory guidelines and standards

We were most impressed with the service we got from your company concerning our recent PCR test and would highly recommend you.”

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