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What can a blood test tell me?

As we now offer a range of Agilis Health Assessments, which involve a blood test, we’re exploring what blood tests are and what they can show you.

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Agilis partners with leading safety training experts RelyOn Nutec

 We are excited to announce that we recently committed to a six-figure investment to acquire the UK occupational health division of a global safety training and competency company, RelyOn Nutec.

4 ways to improve workplace wellbeing

Within this blog, we’ll explore some of the ways to implement a workplace wellbeing programme that creates a positive impact.

Good news: We’ve made it easier to book Agilis tests and services online

You’re now able to purchase your Covid-19 tests directly from our website, and there’s much more information available on the other health services we offer to individuals and businesses too.

Behind the scenes with our CEO: Mike’s trip to the states

Our CEO Mike Eriksen recently visited the states to see our new Houston office and meet the team in person!

Behind the scenes with our UK Retail Sales and Customer Service Manager

Our UK Retail Sales and Customer Service Manager, Clark has been with us for over a year! We’re taking you behind the scenes to find out more.

5 Common Misconceptions Around Occupational Health

Within this blog, we’ll cover 5 common misconceptions of occupational health services, what occupational health services can help with, and how they can benefit your employees and your business overall.